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Qian Xiaohua



Mr Xiaohua Qian joined SAIF Partners as a Venture Partner in 2007. He is also the committee man of Shanghai Youth League and CPPCC Pudong Committee of Shanghai.

In 2007, he personally financed the Peking University China Taiwan Modernization Research Center (PUCTMRC), and took up the post of Chief Director and guest research fellow. Prior to that he was the Executive general manager of China Greentown Real Estate Group, and joined Shanghai Midway infrastructure Group Co., Ltd; was the Director and Vice President of The Hainan Peace Industry Co., Ltd in 1993; He has also been Vice general manager of Nan De Group.

Mr. Qian has graduated from Beijing Aviation College (Beihang University now) in 1984, and majored in aerocraft design and applied mechanics.


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